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Ancillary Study Subcommittee
Immunophenotyping Subcommittee
Biomarkers/Proteomics Workgroup
Immunophenotyping Workgroup
Bronchoscopy Subcommittee
IRB Materials Distribution
Bronchoscopy Substudy Bronchoscopists, Coordinators, and Technicians
Macrophage Workgroup
Bronchoscopy Workgroup
Metabolomics Working Group
Coordinators Subcommittee
Microbiome Workgroup
COPD Phenotyping/Subgroup Analysis Workgroup
Operations Subcommittee
COPDGene Workgroup
Other Specimens Subcommittee
Data Sharing Subcommittee
PFT Subcommittee
Derived Variables Definitions Subcommittee
Phenotyping/Clustering Subcommittee
Endpoints Ascertainment
Physiology Workgroup
Endpoints Coordinators Working Group
Publications and Presentations Subcommittee
Endpoints Subcommittee
Quality Control Subcommittee
Exacerbations Subcommittee
Quality of Life Working Group
Exacerbations Workgroup
Questionnaires Subcommittee
Exposure/Environment Workgroup
Sputum Subcommittee
Genetics/Genomics/Gene Expression Workgroup
Sputum/Clearance Workgroup
GRADS / SPIROMICS Ancillary Subcommittee
Steering Committee
Imaging Subcommittee
Steering Committee (extended version)
Imaging Workgroup