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Enlarge HCHS/SOL Selected Census Tracts, Cook County
The Chicago-Naperville-Jolliet Metropolitan Statistical area has over 1.7 million residents of Hispanic/Latino origin according to estimates from the American Community Survey, 2005 (ACS05). Nearly one in five area residents is of Hispanic/Latino origin, making the area the third largest concentration of Hispanics/Latinos in the US after Los Angeles and New York. Nearly 30% of the estimated 2,701,926 residents of the city of Chicago are of Hispanic/Latino origin according to ACS05. There are 778,234 Hispanics/Latinos in the city of Chicago proper with Mexican/Mexican Americans being the largest subgroup (73%, n=564,853), followed by Puerto Ricans (15%, n=113,924), and other Hispanics/Latinos (13%, =99,467) (ACS05).
While recent years have seen a trend of urban gentrification in some traditionally Latino neighborhoods in the city and a corresponding trend of Hispanic/Latino out-migration to the suburbs, there remain numerous neighborhoods with substantial concentrations of Hispanics/Latinos. The targeted area for the Chicago site is composed of such ethnically diverse neighborhoods with several that have been majority Hispanic/Latino for decades as well as others that were traditionally White/European-immigrant which have experienced Hispanic/Latino in-migration only recently. The highlighted areas in the map above represent the selected census tracts in the Cook County, where Chicago is located. (Click on the map to enlarge).
Enlarge HCHS/SOL Selected Census Tracts, Chicago The map to the right represents a closer view of the census tracts selected. According to the 2000 census, there are 170,592 Hispanics/Latinos in the sampling frame area with an estimated 108,348 Hispanic/Latino persons ages 18-74, which includes Mexican/Americans (56%, n=61,298), Puerto Ricans (24%, n=26,202), and Central/South Americans (10%, n=10,572). Persons designated as "Other Hispanics" make up an additional 10% of the Hispanic/Latino population in the targeted area.
There is also a diversity of socio-economic status within the selected area. In the selected census tracts, median household income ranges from $27K to $51K (median $38K) and the percent of high school graduates for those 25 and older ranges from 37% to 75% (median 56%). (Click on the map to enlarge).