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Aleksic, Nena
Folsom, Aaron
Mazzei, Rob
Sharrett, A. Richey
Anderson, Barbara
Gee, Laurina
McCormick, Aine
Skelton, Margaret
Astor, Brad
Grove, Megan
Meuer, Stacy
Smith, Jan
Ballantyne, Christie
Hampton, Carrie
Moller, Carolyn
Smith-Howard, Sondra
Barkman, Ruth
Harrell, Sunny
Morrison, Alanna
Sorlie, Paul
Bate-Boyle, Beverly
Haukos, Wanda
Mosley, Thomas
Stevenson, Rebecca
Boerwinkle, Eric
Hawbaker, Pat
Nadkarni, Nivedita
Sumner, Robert
Butler, Kenneth
Heiss, Gerardo
Neider, Michael
Swingen, Cory
Cameron, Mary
Hoogeveen, Ron
Ni, Hanyu
Thielmier, Christy
Campbell, Stephen
Hubler, Shane
Onofrey, Jim
Tolleson, Barbara
Carr, J. Jeffrey
Jackson, Tressie
Ooro, Aluoch
Tritle, Gina
Catellier, Diane
Jan, Tiffany
Palmer, Rodney
Volcik, Kelly
Chabot, Joyce
Janke, Robyn
Pankow, James
Wagenknecht, DrPH, Lynne
Chambless, Lloyd
Kemmis, Laura
Parker, Carol
Wang, Willa (Yao-Wei)
Cochran, Barbara
Kettleman, Vicki
Pinell-Jansen, Christianne
Washington, Dorothy
Cook, Bobbie
Klein, Ron
Posey, Dee
Wasserman, Bruce
Coresh, Josef
Klein, Barbara
Puthaaroon, B.S., Jane
Watson, Mattye
Cosner, Bonnie
Knudtson, Mark
Rhodes, B.S., Charlie
Williams, Pamela
Cotch, Mary
Long, Jami
Rodin, Andrei
Wu, Kenneth
Crowley, Patricia
Lunn, Sharon
Saecker, Gretchen
Wyum, Virginia
Crunkleton, Tammy
Manolio, Terry
Saxton, Dana
Yang, Shuyu
Davis, Barbara
Marino, Olga
Shahar, Eyal
Youngblood, Marston
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      AFU Screening Committee Mailing List
  Analysis Methods for Carotid MRI
  Descriptive Statistics
      Executive Committee Mailing List
  Lab Methods
  Miscellaneous Methodology Issues
  MRI Defined Variables SubCommittee
  OSMB Policy Board
      QC Audiotape Group
  Quality Control
      Steering Committee Mailing List
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      Title Lists:
  Administrative Assistant
  ARIC AFU Interviewer
  Clinic Coordinator
  Clinic Technician
  Data Manager
  Deputy Project Officer
  Lab Technician
  Laboratory Manager
  Principal Investigator
  Project Manager
  Project Officer
  Recruitment Supervisor
  Research Assistant
  Research Associate
  Study Coordinator
  Study Nurse
      Field Centers:
  Baylor College of Medicine
  Collaborative Studies Coordinating Center
  Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences
  Human Genetics Center
  Johns Hopkins Hospital
  Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health
  National Institute of Health, National Eye Institute
  National Institutes of Health, National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute
  University of Minnesota
  University of Mississippi Medical Center
  University of Texas Health Science Center
  Wake Forest University Health Sciences
  Wake Forest University Health Sciences
  Washington ARIC Field Center