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Aguiar, Carolina
Fleck, Victoria
Malanga, Elisha
Salathe, Matthias
Aksamit, Timothy
Fuller, Frederic
Mayer, Mike
Schraufnagel, Dean
Barker, Alan
Godwin, Elizabeth
McPhail, Andre
Seitz, Amy
Baumgartner, Steve
Goodman, Ken
Mendes, Eliana
Sell, Cindy
Boerwinkle, Caroline
Graham, Patricia
Metersky, Mark
Severson, Laurie
Boucher, Jr., Richard
Grandio, Mayra
Mieras, Kathleen
Shaffer, Robyn
Browning, Jr., Robert
Greco, Catherine
Mirsaeidi, Mehdi
Shoemaker, Jay
Carretta, Betsy
Griffith, David
Moore, Veronica
Steger, Rebekah
Chang, Hoon
Hammel, Laura
Morrissey, Kelly
Sullivan, Annika
Christian, Karen
Haney, Carissa
O'Donnell, Anne
Tartell, Lori
Claypool, Reginald
Henderson, Ashley
Olivier, Kenneth
Thomashow, Byron
Cook, Joy
Herb, Danielle
Park, Hanyoung
Tino, Greg
Cooney, Michele
Herrick, Chris
Pearson, Gregory
Turino, Gerard
Couper, David
Huitt, Gwen
Peralta, Riza
Varley, Cara
Crapo, James
Iseman, Michael
Perez, Ifdy
Walsh, John
Czaja, Chris
Jellen, Patricia
Peterson, Roxanna
Walters, Susan
Daley, Charles
Johnson, Margaret
Plant, Randel
Whippo, Beth
DeMarcus, Forrest
Knowles, Michael
Prevots, Rebecca
Wilkins, Tania
Dengel, Karen
Ku, Jennifer
Prieto, Delia
Williams, Alison
DiMango, Angela
Le, Kayla
Ruday, Kellie
Winthrop, Kevin
Eakin, Lauren
Leventhal, Jack
Ruimy, Samantha
Eden, Edward
Levin, Adrah
Sadikot, Ruxana
      Committee List:
  Registry Advisory Committee
  Radiology Working Group
      Title List:
  Clinical Center Investigator
  Consortium Conference Call Member
  Principal Investigator
  Study Coordinator
      Institution List:
  Alpha-1 Foundation
  Collaborative Studies Coordinating Center: UNC at Chapel Hill
  Columbia University Medical Center - NY Presbyterian Hospital
  COPD Foundation
  Georgetown University Hospital
  Mayo Clinic
  Mayo Clinic Florida
  Mount Sinai St. Luke's and Mount Sinai Roosevelt Icahn School of Medicine
  National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID)
  National Jewish Health
  Oregon Health and Science University
  University of Connecticut School of Medicine
  University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine
  University of Miami
  University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine
  University of Pennsylvania
  University of Texas Health Sciences Center at Tyler