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Atherosclerosis Risk In Communities (ARIC)
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ARIC Field Center : Forsyth County
ARIC Field Center: Jackson City
ARIC Field Center: Minneapolis Suburbs
ARIC Field Center: Washington County
Cardiovascular Outcomes Research Center - CORC
Collaborative Studies Coordinating Center
ECG Reading Center - Surveillance
Jackson Heart Study
Lab: Atherosclerosis Laboratory at Baylor College of Medicine
Lab: Clinical Chemistry Laboratory at the University of Minnesota
Lab: Genetic Laboratory at the University of Texas Health Science Center
National Institutes of Health
No Field Center Association
Reading Center - DLCO
Reading Center - ECG (EPICARE)
Reading Center - Echocardiogram (Boston)
Reading Center - MRI
Reading Center - Pulmonary Function
Reading Center - Pulse Wave Velocity
Reading Center - Retinal
Reading Center – MRI Vascular Lab